KySTE 2012

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This page contains resources from the KySTE 2012 Spring Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. These materials are made available under a Creative Commons 3.0 attribution-share alike license, which means that you are both allowed and encouraged to use them! Please contact the CASTLE directors (Drs. Justin Bathon, Scott McLeod, John Nash, and Jayson Richardson) if you have any other questions about these resources.

March 7, 2012

The law is not the enemy: How the law encourages responsible innovation (Bathon & McLeod)

Setting strategy and evaluation to boost 21st century learning skills (Nash)

March 8, 2012

Keynote (McLeod)

Enabling student voice and agency (McLeod)
10 ways to improve your technology leadership (Richardson & McLeod)

Other resources

Thinking / group facilitation tools

  2. Book: The innovator’s toolkit
  3. Book: Gamestorming
  4. Book: Thinkertoys

Leadership resources

  1. Scott’s landing page for parents and educators [USE THIS WITH EDUCATORS, BOARDS, AND PARENTS]
  2. Implementation dip
  3. Diffusion of innovation
  4. Gartner’s hype cycle
  5. Bolman & Deal frameworks
  6. Resistance to change
  7. Agreement and trust
  8. Can schools change?
  9. Leadership Day (2007 — 2011)
  10. Change Week wrap-up
  11. IBM’s Change Toolkit
  12. Book: Influencer
  13. Book: The knowing-doing gap
  14. Book: Execution
  15. Book: The future of management (read my review)

Technology integration resources

  1. Technology and learning spectrum
  2. TPACK (see also handout)
  3. Technology integration matrix
  4. Learning activity types: wiki and mind map
  5. Web 2.0 that works
  6. Teacher needs in anticipation of the instructional use of technology
  7. Technology, coaching, and community
  8. Educational technology bill of rights for students

Problem– / Inquiry– / Challenge-based learning resources

  1. Science Leadership Academy (Philadelphia, PA) core values
  2. Center for Authentic Intellectual Work
  3. Buck Institute for Education (videosstudent testimony and teacher restructuringtechnology and PBL)
  4. College and Work Readiness Assessment (example report)
  5. Whitfield Career Academy (example projects)
  6. Discovery and Unlimited (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  7. Big Picture Learning (podcasts and videosstudent testimony and personalization)
  8. EdVisions (videostraditional v. self-directed students)
  9. Envision Schools (PBL in action and success story)
  10. Expeditionary Learning (stories)
  11. New Tech Network (videossolar oven)
  12. Independent Curriculum Group
  13. Band of Educators
  14. CASTLE’s list of exemplary 21st century schools

Standards and reports you should know about

  1. NCTE 21st century literacy standards
  2. ISTE essential conditions (see also rubric)
  3. National Educational Technology Standards (NETS): AdministratorsTeachers, and Students
  4. NAIS Guide for Becoming a School of the Future: PDF or HTML interactive

RSS resources (build your internal capacity as learners)

Presentation resources

  1. Online Stopwatch
  2. Timer Tab

CASTLE resources

  2. Education Recoded (CASTLE directors)
  3. Dangerously Irrelevant (McLeod)
  4. EdJurist (Bathon)
  5. Mind Dump (McLeod)
  6. Video: Iowa, Did You Know?
  7. Recommended reading (including Scott’s new book!)
  8. Recommended viewing
  9. Other resources