CASTLE regularly employs a variety of staff members to assist in the work of the center. These individuals are usually graduate students pursuing Ph.D.s in education leadership or a related field, but can also be full-time employees of the university.

Kevin Flora

Graduate Research Assistant
Twitter: @edmatics

Kevin is in his 3rd year working with CASTLE and is continuing his book work in the Interdisciplinary PhD in Educational Sciences at the University of Kentucky. Kevin is building his specialty in the field of Data Visualization and Informatics. His website and current research continue to reflect how educational leadership can benefit from data visualization. He has degrees in the fields of psychology and art, while being skilled in technology use and integration. He continues to excel in conference organization, research, and consulting work.

Chase Bannister

Research Assistant

Chase Bannister is a second year law student at the University of Kentucky College of Law.  He works as a research assistant to Dr. Justin Bathon.  Chase has been researching virtual school legislation across the United States, Acceptable Use Policies in Kentucky, and Attorney General Opinions on SBDM councils in the Commonwealth.  He has a strong interest in Education Law and is currently pursuing a career in that field.  He also enjoys light-hearted political discussions and considers himself to be a “Blackbelt Patriot,” following in the footsteps of Chuck Norris.

Maranda Miller

Maranda Miller

Student Worker

Maranda Miller is a first year doctoral student within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics department at the University of Kentucky. With a background in computer science and mathematics, Maranda is interested in mathematics anxiety with adult learners and how technology enhances the learning of mathematics. She is presently designing a site that will aide adult learners in conquering their anxiety, and provide educators techniques to reduce anxiety within the classroom environment.

Karla Adkins


Student Worker

Karla Adkins is an undergraduate pursuing degrees in Elementary Education and Business Management as well as an International Business minor. She is interested in school leadership and using business skills to more effectively run a school. She is excited to be working with CASTLE and having an inside look at the innovative ideas currently being researched in the field of education.

Anthony Springer

Student Worker

Anthony Springer is a current undergraduate student at the University of Kentucky. He is studying STEM Education with a focus on Secondary Mathematics Education. He is a graduate of Metro High School and is hoping to use that experience to aide the CASTLE staff.