CASTLE has deep relationships with several other projects, labs, and centers that are doing work related to technology or leadership in schools. The following is a sample of these related projects: 

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Laboratory on Design Thinking in Education

The dLab applies design thinking to create new solutions to challenges in education and the community. In doing so it brings together faculty, students, educators and community members to apply design and innovation in a structured and lively manner to create new solutions to previously unsolvable challenges.

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P20 Motivation & Learning Lab

The broad aim of the P20 Motivation and Learning Lab is to examine academic motivation in a variety of contexts and to identify practices that best promote and sustain the motivation students need to acquire skills essential for success and well-being in the 21st century. The lab will address the critical issue of student and teacher motivation, which includes variables such as self-efficacy, achievement goals, interest, engagement, and self-regulation, and achievement outcomes in P20 settings in Kentucky and beyond. The P20 Motivation and Learning Lab is co-directed by Dr. Ellen Usher from the University of Kentucky and Meribeth Gaines, principal of Wellington Elementary School in Fayette County.