Keynote Presentations


  • McLeod, S. (2012, May). Getting beyond the fear: What the social media revolution means for our programming and our youth. Keynote address given at the Iowa Youth and Shelter Services Risky Business Convention, Ames, IA.
  • McLeod, S. (2012, March). Designing for the new ecology. Keynote address given at the Kentucky Society for Technology in Education Spring Conference, Louisville, KY.


  • McLeod, S. (2011, December). The lines are blurring: Translating changes in our information, economic, and learning landscapes into school practice. Keynote address given at the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators School Leaders Advancing Technology in Education Conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI.
  • Wilhoit, G., McLeod, S., O’Hair, M. J., Hensley, D., Young, L., & Parrent, J. (2011, December). Designing new systems for learning. Part II: Shaping the future. Keynote symposium given at the AdvancED Innovation Summit, Lexington, KY.
  • McLeod, S. (2011, November). The lines are blurring: The growing disconnects between schools and our digital, global society. Keynote address given at the Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Conference, Hershey, PA.
  • McLeod, S. (2011, September). Are Kentucky schools dangerously irrelevant? Keynote address given at the Kentucky Association of School Councils Annual Conference, Louisville, KY.
  • McLeod, S. (2011, August). The lines are blurring, but where’s our sense of urgency? Keynote address given at the Nebraska Council of School Administrators Annual Leadership Conference, Kearney, NE.